My daughter once told me that a photographer might take five hundred photos for each one that sells.  So what do you do with the other four hundred and ninety-nine?  If you have good eye and a steady hand you might have one hundred good shots of the five, and maybe ten great photos that are exceptional.  These numbers are subjective and can vary widely for each photographer.  Some may have a much higher percentage of high quality pictures.  Others may only on rare occasions create an remarkable photo, worth printing and mounting or even selling as a canvas print.

Even you don’t see yourself as real photographer, you probably have one or two really nice pictures of family members or groups that you would like to immortalize. A decade ago you would have taken the photo to print shop and had them make you an eight by ten glossy print to frame and hang in your rogue gallery in the hall or dining room.  Now you have the option to upload the digital photo image to an online photo print service where  you can still option to have a glossy print produced but you also have the choice to not only have a matte finish but also can opt to have your portrait or group photo printed on a 24X30 or 11X14 cheap canvas print and professionally framed like a work or art.

There really are no limits except for the restraints imposed by your photo’s resolution* and your budget.  You might even want to splurge and have your favorite vacation photo printed as metal art.

Another advantage of using one of the many online photo printing services like DeviantArt is that by uploading your photo to their library you open your work up to the general public and allow yourself the opportunity to earn money if another art lover chooses to have one of your photos printed on canvas, a poster, t-shirt or whatever.